Your data privacy is important for us

Computer Networks Laboratory

University of Patras

Store, sync and share your data while ensuring your privacy.

We use only open source software and hardware tools to ensure privacy and seamless protection

1The entire setup of our service is designed to secure your data. We focus on privacy and on operating as a full-service provider for hosting, maintaining, supporting and updating your service, that’s what you pay for.

We will store your files safely and securely without any hidden motive. We do not and will not share, sell or analyze your data to any third party, while all your stored data and all your data transmissions will be encrypted.

2All your files will be stored in one secure location. We use our own hardware hosted at our premises, a secure data center and Open Source software.

Using our service you can easily and securely sync and share your files. Conveniently access all your files from your desktop, web-browser or mobile device.

3Storage up to 2GB is free of charge.
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